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Knowledge is Power

Updated: Feb 17

They say knowledge is power, but far too many people know the consequences of their negative lifestyle choices on their health, yet still continue to make them.

When life gets busy, it’s easy for our health and lifestyle to accidentally slip to the back of our minds. The lifestyle we live can have an amazing impact on who we become—whether it’s amazing good or amazingly bad; the choice is up to us.

1. Go For A Walk

Walking is one of the best health tips because it is a low-impact exercise that can reduce your risks for all sorts of problems. Walking is easy and can be enjoyable. Plus who doesn't love the fresh air.

2. Get Healthy Sleep

That's right I said HEALTHY sleep. Getting the right amount of sleep helps us wake up feeling more refreshed and productive. But there is a balance between not enough and too much. Just because you are in bed and resting doesn't mean you are getting a quality amount of ZZZ's

3. Stay Positive

Life can get hectic and bad unwanted things are going to take place in our life. Don't dwell on it, deal with it and move on. Too much focus on negative things will result in negative behavior and doesn't benefit the body at all. Maintain a positive lifestyle by filling your mind with positivity. You could get into a good book, read the bible, some Pintrest quotes always do good, listen to music, or go experience the beauty of nature, which is likely right in your back yard.

4. Drink Enough Water

Staying well hydrated can boost your energy and mood. However, not drinking enough water can do the opposite and can even cause inflammation, headaches and longer recovery time. Best case is to drink plain water with no additives for the most health benefits. If you need to spice it up a bit, lemon or fruit infused water does a pretty great job too.

5. Take A Vacation or a staycation

Vacationing is one of the most enjoyable health topics on my list. It comes with less stress when done properly and clears the mind. Nowhere does vacation mean going on a expensive vacation that you cant afford (that will stress you right out) a vacation is to take a break from your daily tasks and relax. Remember a vacation is a state of mind.

6. Be Confident

Life is one sure thing and change is one of them. Follow your moral compass, follow your faith, follow your beliefs and do it proudly. Accepted morals and standards change...which has never made sense to me but for some they do. Instead of always going with the latest trend, seek out what morals are truly healthy and good for you. And be confident in what you choose to believe. Because the values you hold close shape the course of not only your lifestyle but your entire lifetime. I was recently told your testimony takes years to create and only a nanosecond to destroy. Be a good human...ALWAYS!

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