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Updated: Feb 17

"Sabotage - because we all get a bit of imposter syndrome"

Let me introduce you to a woman that I know

She hears my every thought

And follows everywhere I go

She wakes me up abruptly sometimes

When I’m fast asleep

And keeps me up for hours

Whilst she taunts and laughs at me

She takes joy in convincing me that I am hard to love

That if I’m less than perfect

Then I’ll never be enough

She shakes the ground I stand on and talks down what I achieve

She highlights all my flaws to me

And tells me I’m naïve

She battles with my confidence and wrestles with my pride

She’s like a double agent

But she’s never on my side

And she knows just how to sabotage by sowing seeds of doubt

And arguing with logic

In a voice that likes to shout

And you’d think I wouldn’t listen that I’d turn and walk away

But it’s so hard to ignore her

When she knows just what to say

In ways that make me question things I’ve thought and done and said

You see, she is an imposter

And she lives inside my head

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